Porus Plastics (Ultra high Molecular) Filter Media

We are pioneer manufacturer of 'Vaicon' Porus Plastics (Ultra high Molecular) Filter Media in form of filter cartridges, elements, sheets, rods & many more items as per customer's specification. 'Vaicon' is such a versatile material that it can be machined, cut, bend, weld & fabricate. 'Vaicon' filters can used for multipurpose filtration for water, liquid , gas & air. Vaicon Porus Plastics filter media is available in form of Holo Candles, Elements, Rods, Sheets & any complex shapes as per customer's design.

We also manufacturer Polypropylene wounded, Cellous molded, Polystryne,PTFE, PVDF filter cartridges, Pneumatics Silencers, Mufflers, Strainers, Lubricators, Suction Tubes etc. In short complete range of filter media for removing micron size particles from water, liquid, gas & air. Filter cartridges ranging from 4" to 40" length & standard as well as non-standard diameter are available.

'AquaSafe' STD Water Filter Cum Purifier

In Urban areas of the World, We are exposed to various kinds of pollution. Therefore in our quest for safe drinking water, it is pertinent to have a contextual rather than an ideal attitude. Taking leaf from such observations, we endeavored and engineered user-friendly on-line water filter-cum-purifier called 'AquaSafe' that could fulfill the requirements of the users.

'AquaSafe' is available with Iron Exchange resin technology & also with Ultraviolet technology. 'AquaSafe' Standard model (STD) is based on Iron Exchange Resin technology with Silver Impregnated Resin.

'AquaSafe' STD provides clean & pure drinking water by a system involving three stage processes i.e. Pre-Filtration, Filtration, & Purification. Effective filtration minimises turbidity and paves the Way for smooth purification and subsequently safe & clean Drinking water. The Pre-filter is a special membrance, which is The first stage of filtration, that traps the visible dust & impurities (Macro Elements)

An innovative A.C.R. filter cartridge ensures an effective second Stage filtration of invisible dust & impurities (Micro Elements).The cartridge minimises elogging probabilities thereby ensuring consistent filtration in long run.

Inside the A.C.R. filter cartridges water has to flow through a bed of High Grade Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon which removes excess Chlorine, Odour & Colour from the water. The water then flows counter current (Upwards) in a food-grade non-porous tube (water enters the tube from below) and as it passes through a bed of metallic silver impregnated resin granules it completes the final process-Purification.

'AquaSafe UV' Water Filter Cum Purifier

The UV process nature's way of purification :
Sunlight is nature's way of purification and man was quick to Discover that this power stems from the ultraviolet rays exuded By the sun. It is the UV power that disinfects and destroys bacteria And viruses with supersonic speed. Water treated with UV light is Totally safe because it has no residual radioactive properties. And After all, we have just borrows something from nature's experience.

Higher flow Rate :
'AquaSafe UV' is the only domestic ultraviolet purifier that has an output capacity of more than 2 liters a minute. Imaging the time and energy wasted in filtering and boiling 2 liters of water. When 'AquaSafe UV' does it in just 60 seconds!



Our range of product in filtration includes on line polypropylene multi-cartridge filter units suitable for 6 nos. of cartridges to 12 nos. of cartridges of 10" to 40" Long Specially for industrial water filters & purifiers. The flow capacity ranging from 75 LPM to 360 LPM .

1. Chemical.

2. Pharmaceutical.

3. Electroplating 

4. Photographic Solution.

5. Beverages liquid Foods

6. Petrochemicals.

7. Water treatment & waste water management

8. Electronics.

9. Oils & Lubricants.

10.Paints & Varnishes.

11.Boiler feed water & many more.


A. On line multi cartridge filter unit of polyproplene / FRP polyproplene 100% leak proof & Corrosion proof.
B. Can use PP disc's with micron rated fabrics or papers.
C. Can use micron rated wound cartridges or porous cartridges.
D. High flow moulded polypropylene pumps or magnetic pumps.
E. Can use activated carbon bags for removening odour & colour.
F. Top discharge to eliminated dangerous air bleeding.
G. Double chamber units can be supplied for continous operations with directional valves. So that one chamber can be re-arranged after
cleaning or changing the elements.
H. And above all most economic prices compared to stainless steel, or M. S. Rubber Lined.

Fusion bonded Epoxy Coating
Porous Plastic filter media
Fluoropolymer and other Coatings
Xylan / PTFE Coating
Textile spare for TFO Machines

Excellent Quality & Pricing

At VAIBHAVI ENTERPRISES, we recognize that our customer expect excellent quality along with our competitive pricing & superior customer service & best of delivery terms. We approach product quality as one of our core competencies & therefore we always focused on “ What can we do better?”.

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